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Annamayya Keerthana – Kulukuga Nadavaro in Hindi With Meaning

Annamayya Keerthana – Kulukuga Nadavaro Lyrics in Hindi:

कुलुकक नडवरो कोम्मलाला ।
जलजल रालीनि जाजुलु मायम्मकु ॥

ओय्यने मेनु गदली नोप्पुगा नडवरो
गय्यालि श्रीपादताकु कान्तुलाला ।
पय्येद चेऱगु जारी भारपु गुब्बल मिद
अय्यो चेमरिञ्चे मा यम्मकु नेन्नुदुरु ॥

चल्लेडि गन्दवोडियै जारी निलुवरो
पल्लकि वट्टिन मुद्दु बणतुलाल ।
मोल्लमैन कुन्दनपु मुत्याल कुच्चुलदर
गल्लनुचु गङ्कणालु गदलीमायम्मकु ॥

जमलि मुत्याल तोडि चम्मालिग लिडरो
रमणिकि मणुल नारतु लेत्तरो ।
अमरिञ्चि कौगिट नलमेलु मङ्गनिदे
समकूडे वेङ्कटेश्वरुडु मा यम्मकु ॥

Annamayya Keerthana – Kulukuga Nadavaro Meaning:

Oh beautiful maids, don’t shake the palanquin while carrying. Let not the fragrant jasmines of Mother Alamelumanga drop off.

Oh maids, walk gently without hurting her delicate body. Oh smart women, her feet might ache and the garment on her bosom might slip. She is already tired with sweat drops on her face.

Oh beautiful palanquin bearers, sprinkle cool sandalwood paste on her. If you shake her precious saree tassels, made of gold and pearls, may tremble. Her anklets are making tinkling noise.

Oh pretty women, wave auspicious “Harati” with pearls and gems to Mother Alamelumanga who is perfect in the embrace of her lord Venkateswara.

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