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Hanuman Temples in Kerala – Aanjaneya

Hanuman is one of the most important personalities in ‘Ramayana’. Hanuman is known as a popular devotee of Lord Rama. His help made Rama find out Sita Devi easily and then defeat Ravana in the war. Hanuman is known as different names such as Anjaneya, Pavan Putra, Maruthi. The name ‘Anjaneya’ was derived from his mother’s name ‘Anjana’, a female Vanara. Its also believed that Hanuman is the incarnation of Lord Siva. So Hanuman is known as ‘Maharudhra’ too. Some believe that Hanuman is the son of ‘Vayu’, the God of wind, so having the name ‘Pavan Putra’.

Hanuman meets Lord Rama when he was wandering in the forest. Rama was expelled from his country for a period of 14 years. His wife Sita and brother Lakshmana were accompanying him. But on the way, Devi Sita was kidnapped by Ravana, the king of Lanka. After their meeting, Hanuman brought out an alliance between Sugriva and Lord Rama. Sugriva and his Vanaras, especially Hanuman helped Rama to defeat Ravana and regain Sita. After the Ramayana war, the time came for the departure of Rama to heaven. Then every follower of Rama, excluding Hanuman decided to depart with him. But Hanuman was requested to remain on earth as an immortal sign of perfect devotee of Rama. Hanuman’s version of Ramayana is known as Hanumadh Ramayana. After the war, Hanuman scripted this, when he was living in the Himalayas. But it was completely different from Valmiki’s Ramayana. Its believed that When Valmiki read ‘Hanumadh Ramayana’ he felt disappointed and Hanuman discarded it.

It is hanuman’s specialty, that even though he is god, he always wanted to be the servant of his master, Lord Rama. Doing Upasana for Hanuman is very special and auspicious and he will be protecting his devotees from all sufferings and helping for endurance in their life. It is believed that Lord Hanuman is still living with us in Kali-yuga and blessing all his devotees.

List of Aanjaneya Temples in Kerala:

  1. Alathiyoor Hanuman, Malappuram
  2. Nattika Sree Hanuman Swami, Thrissur
  3. Raghavapuram Hanuman Temple, Kannur
  4. OTC Sree Hanuman Swami Temple, Trivandrum
Hanuman Temples in Kerala – Aanjaneya

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