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Pandava, Kshetra Palaka, Gogarbha Theertham History, Route

Pandava, Kshetra Palaka, Gogarbha Theertham:

  • Pandava Theertham is one of the holy Theerthams of Tirumala, known for his divinity and sacred character. Pandava Theertham is located at the bottom of the hill and faces Narsimha hill. The Theertham is also called Gogarbha Theertham and Kshetra Palaka Theertham.
  • Devotees can visit this Theertham by bus or taxi from the Tirumala bus stand. On an APSRTC return ticket, pilgrims can get down at any place of their choice and after the visit, one can catch another bus and proceed to the next destination on the same ticket.
  • There is a platform built by the ttd where the running water is diverted for devotees to take the water first in hand.
  • A better time to bath is when the sun is in Vrushabha Raasi Sukla paksham Dwadasi Sunday or Krishna paksham Tuesday to get rid of the evils/ sins/ cries and confer good fortune.
  • Rudra, the guardian angel of the shrine, stands beside the Theertha in the form of a huge boulder. Abhishekam is performed to this Rudra on every Maha Shivaratri day with Namaka and Chamaka mantras. Every pilgrim visiting Tirupati should also visit this place.Gogarbha Pandava Theertham

Theertham History:

Gogarbha Theertham:

Many saints have carried out penance in this cave that looked like the uterus of a cow. Therefore, the Theertham is called Gogarbha Theertham.

Pandava Theertham:

It is also called Pandava Theertham because the Pandavas, it seems, remained here and served the Lord during their stay in the forests.

Kshetra Palaka Theertham:

Rudra, the guardian angel of the sanctuary, stands next to Theertha in the form of a huge rock. Abhishekam is played to Rudra every day, on Maha Shivaratri day puja is performed with Namaka and Chamaka mantras. Therefore, Theertham was called Kshetra Palaka Theertham.

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