Tirumala Tirthas

Tirumala Sesha Theertham History, Route

Tirumala Sesha Theertham:

  • Allowed every year only on Vaisaka Suddha Purnima day in Feb-Mar.
  • 6 km to the main temple towards Durgamaranya Parvatam Sanuvullu. Vehicles can go up to 2 km. Takes 2-3 hours to reach. Can see 5-7 small ponds on the way.
  • Theertham is covered with 100feet of height, 30 feet breath hill.
  • Need to cross Balaji colony (resident place for Tirumala locals). Another way is from Mamandur/ Kukkala Doddi side (presently banned due to sandal scam). A guide is mandatory.
  • Associated with the Adishesha/ Sheshnag, who once stroked a torrent with his tail for quenching the thirst of Sri Vishnu.
  • Devotees taking a holy dip in this theertham offer jaggery, salt and pepper to pray for the betterment of their health. Gets relief from the Sarpa Dosha.Tirumala Sesha Theertham

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