List of Theerthams in Tirumala Hills

Tirumala Theerthams in Brief:

  • Best time: Mansoon rains/ Winter (November – February).
  • Teerthams are holy bodies of water situated in the vicinity of the temples.
  • Water from such sources usually is used to bathe the deity.
  • Most are not accessible by road. Need to trek deep Seshachala forest.
  • The public is allowed only on a few particular days of the year for a few Theerthams.
  • Please check with the T.T.D public information cell for more information.
  • Believed that there are 108 Theerthams available in Seshachalam.
  • The vast stretch of Venkatadri Hill abounds in holy Theerthams in the form of lakes, waterfalls and tanks. A sacred dip in these Theerthams is believed to confer all the benefits to
    the devout and also washes away any sins committed. All the tanks and lakes of Tirumala are sacred and known as Theerthas. Merciful lord rewards bathe by granting their heart’s desire.

Tirumala Theerthams List:

  1. Tirupati – Kapila/ Chakratalwar/ Azhwar/ Alwar theetham (Nalavani gundam)
  2. Sakra/ Vajra Theertham
  3. Tirupati – Nrusimha/ Narasimha theetham/ Teeneru/ Manchi neela gunta
  4. Swami Pushkarini
  5. Chakra Theertham
  6. Sitamma Theertham
  7. Pandava/ KshetraPalaka Theertham
  8. Sesha Theertham
  9. Gogarbha Theertham
  10. Japali Theertham
  11. Akasa Ganga Theertham
  12. Papavinasam Theertham
  13. Kumaradhara Theertham
  14. Pasupu Dhara/ Punya Theertham
  15. Tumburu/ Gghona Theertham
  16. Ramakrishna Theertham
  17. Vaikunta Theertham
  18. Deva Theertham
  19. Brahma Theertham
  20. Saptarishi Theertham
  21. Naga Theertham/ Nagula bavi
  22. Sanaka Sanandana Theertham
  23. Namalagavi Theertham – ననామమాల గవి తీరరర
  24. Viraja river – విరజజానదద
  25. Seshachalam Heritage Eco Tourism – Tirumala trekking
    • Mamanduru/ Kukkaladoddi/ Balupalli <-> Papavinasanam
    • Talakona to Kukkaladoddi/ Balapalli/ Mamandur.
  26. Yuddhagala Theertham – యయుదద గళతీరరర
    • Gujjana falls
    • Beema Theertham
    • Anala/ Agni Theertham
    • Sri Vishnu/ Sanku Theertham
    • Dasavathara Theertham
    • Sri Pada Theertham
    • Garuda Theertham
    • Kaaya rasaayana Theertham
    • Pedda goda (Elimineti kona)
    • Bhargave Theertham
    • Sri Hala Youdha Theertham
    • Saneswara Theertham (Nalla rathi kona)
    • Dhruva Theertham
    • Panchami Theertham
    • Gandharva Theertham
    • Panchayudha Theertham
    • Agnikunda Theertham
    • Thotti Theertham
    • Kayarasayana Theertham
    • Vishvaksena sarasu

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