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Shiridi Saibaba Temple to Reopen on 7-10-2021

On the background of Covid-19, Darshan facility of Shri Saibaba has been provided to the Sai Devotees from 07.10.2021 by complying all the guidelines issued by the State Government.

It will be possible for the Shiridi Shri Saibaba Temple Administration to allow access to Darshan only to a limited number of Sai Devotees by following all the guidelines of the Government regarding Covid-19. It will not be possible to make available the Darshan of Shiridi Saibaba to more Sai Devotees than the limit. In order to avoid possible inconvenience, the following appeals are being made to Sai Devotees on behalf of Shiridi Shri Saibaba Sansthan.

  1. As per the instructions of the District Administration, it is mandatory to reserve online Darshan / Arti pass for Darshan / Aarti of Shri Saibaba.
  2. The facility of Darshan/Aarti Pass reservation is available through Sansthan’s website online.sai.org.in and mobile app before 05 days of proposed Darshan/Aarti date.
  3. All Sai Devotees coming to Shirdi by reserving the Darshan / Arti pass through the website of the Sansthan online.sai.org.in or through the official mobile app of the Sansthan for Aarti/Darshan of Shri Saibaba, must enter the Darshan Queue on time on the prescribed day.
  4. It is mandatory for Sai Devotees to upload their own photo/identity card in the system while making Darshan/Aarti pass reservations through the website online.sai.org.in. It will be also mandatory for Sai Devotees to carry the same photo ID while coming for Darshan/Aarti. (Photo / ID non-transferable).
  5. Sai Devotees who come for Darshan/Aarti will only be allowed within the mentioned date and time for Darshan/Aarti after verification of photo/identity card. There can be no any compromise in it.

Saibaba Temple Important Note:

It is appealed to all Sai Devotees that the Sansthan Administration is making utmost efforts to make it easy for them to take Darshan/Aarti of Saibaba. Everyone is expected to co-operate by following the instructions. In case of overcrowding in the premises, it
may be necessary to close the Darshan system considering the situation.

Note :-

  • Children below the age of 10 years, persons above the age of 65 years, patients and pregnant women will not be allowed for Darshan/ Aarti as per the instructions of the Government.
  • As Sansthan’s accommodation is limited on the background of Covid-19, Devotees who desires to seek accommodation at Sansthan’s Bhaktiniwas shall make advance reservations through website online.sai.org.in or Sansthan’s mobile app.
  • Sai Devotees should reserve the Darshan Pass and room only through the official website of the Sansthan online.sai.org.in or the official mobile app of the Sansthan. Saibaba Sansthan will not be held responsible if Sai Devotees are deceived by an unauthorized person.
  • Sai Prasadalaya will remain closed for Sai Devotees till further orders.

All Sai Devotees should take note of this and co-operate with the Sansthan Administration.

Saibaba Temple to Reopens from today ie 7-10-2021 for sai devotees with Guidelines.

Saibaba Temple to Reopen Guidelines:

  • The temple administration will provide the facility of 5,000 paid passes, 5,000 online and 5,000 offline passes for the devotees.
  • According to updates, over 1,150 devotees will be allowed to enter the Sai temple every hour.
  • On the other hand, only 90 devotees will be given entry for every aarti in the temples.
  • However, it is must for the devotees to wear masks.
  • The administration said that the facility of coming from entrance number 2 as well as exit from the number 4 and 5 has been given.
  • Not all temples have been allowed to open this time.
  • The Dhyan Mandir and Parayan Kaksh will remain closed.
  • Pregnant women, children below 10 years of age and people above 65 years are not allowed to enter the temple.
Shiridi Saibaba Temple to Reopen on 7-10-2021

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