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The Mahatmyam of Arasavalli | Suryanarayana Swami Temple Sevas, Address

The sacred Bhagavan Suryanarayana Swami Temple located at Arasavalli in Srikakulam of Andhra Pradesh is perhaps the only Sun Temple in the entire Coromandal Coast. It is because the Konark Temple in the Orissa Coast always is known to be an unfinished project. People suffering from eye disease and skin disease visit the Temple and offer prayers to Sun God. They believe that Lord Surya is essentially a God of Health and by offering prayers to Him their sickness will be cured. The great Puranas of Dwaparayuga narrates the following. Balarama the incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the Dwaparayuga brought the River Nagavali along the furrow of his tiller and sanctified a temple on the river shores. That is the temple of Uma and Rudra Koteswara. All Gods and angels arrived there and paid homage to Lord Rudra. However, Indra, the Lord of Paradise came late in the night he tried to enter inside. At the time Nandiswara, the great Vahana of Rudra, who was guarding at the gate prevented Indra from intruding, because at that time Lord Rudra was taking rest with Mata Parvathi. Indra insisted that he should go inside and unable to tolerate Indra’s adamant temper, the furious Nandiswara kicked him violently throwing him in the air towards the eastern side. The injured Indra fell unconscious. He prayed to Sun God to relieve him of his body pain and fatigue. The Sun God felt pity on him and touched Indra with his divine rays and as a result Indra got relieved of his pain and regained his strength. Indra was so grateful that he begged the Sun god to allow him to stay there forever.

Arasavalli Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Temple Timings:
Morning: 6.00 AM to 12.30 PM.
Evening: 3.30 PM to 8.00 PM.

Sevas /Cost Details:
Ashtottara Seva – Rs.20.00/-
Sahasra Namarchana – Rs.30.00/-
Ksheeranna Bhogam – Rs.50.00/-
Ksheerabhisheka Seva – R. 216.00/-
Tiruveedhi Seva – Rs.500.00/-
Kalyana Seva – Rs.500.00/-
Surya Namaskarms – Rs.50.00/-
Annadanam – Rs.150.00/-

Arasavalli Suryanarayana Temple Seva Name and Timing:
Surya Namaskarams: This Seva is performed Every Sunday at 06.00 AM to 12.00 Noon.
Tiruveedhi Seva: This Seva is performed Every Sunday Evening at 06.00 PM.
Ksheeranna Bhogam : This Seva is performed Every Sunday afternoon at 03.00 PM.

Sun God Temple Arasavalli

Seva for Life Time with Price Details:
Ashtottara Seva – Rs.300.00/-
Sahasra Namarchana – Rs.400.00/-
Ksheeranna Bhogam – Rs.600.00/-
Ksheerabhisheka Seva – Rs.2500.00/-
Tiruveedhi Seva – Rs.5000.00/-
Kalyana Seva – Rs.5000.00/-
Surya Namaskarms – Rs.600.00/-
Saswatha Annadanam – Rs.1500.00/-

Note:To Perform these sevas one has to send their Gotranamams with Payment.

Arasavalli Temple Address:
Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Temple,
Srikakulam District,
Andhra Pradesh – 532401

E.O. Number: 9491000709

The Mahatmyam of Arasavalli | Suryanarayana Swami Temple Sevas, Address

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