Annamayya Keerthana

Annamayya Keerthana – Nimushamedategaka in Hindi With Meaning

Annamayya Keerthana – Nimushamedategaka Lyrics in Hindi:

निमुषमेडतेगक हरि निन्नु तलचि ।
ममत नी मीदने मरपि ब्रतुकुटगाक ॥

निदुरचे कोन्नाल्लु नेरमुल कोन्नाल्लु
मुदिमिचे कोन्नाल्लु मोसपोयि ।
कदिसि कोरिननु गतकालम्बु वच्चुने
मदि मदिने युण्डि एमरक बतुकुट गाक ॥

कडु तनयुलकु कोन्त कान्तलकु नोक कोन्त
वेडयासलकु कोन्त वेट्टिसेसि ।
अडरि कावलेननिन अन्दु सुखमुन्नदा
चेडक नी सेवले सेसि बतुकुटगाक ॥

धनमु वेण्ट तगिलि धान्यम्बुनकु तगिलि
तनवारि तगिलि कातरुडैननु ।
कनु कलिगि श्री वेङ्कटनाथ कातुवे
कोनसागि निन्नुने कोलिचि बतुकुटगाक ॥

Annamayya Keerthana – Nimushamedategaka Meaning:

Oh Lord Hari, let me think of you every minute. Let me forget myself and live in your love.

I spend some days in sleep, some days in evil deeds and some days arrogantly. I am mislead. Even if I beg will the past come back. Let me keep you in mind always and live.

I give a lot to my children , some part to my wife and some part to fulfill my petty desires. If I repent and want it back would it give me happiness. Is it not better to lead a pious life in your services.

I spend all my life in pursuit of riches and food. I spend my life in attachments only. Oh Venkatanadha, if I awake and worship, will you protect me? I’ll certainly live in your service only

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