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Annamayya Keerthana – Paluku Tenela Talli in Hindi With Meaning

Annamayya Keerthana – Paluku Tenela Talli Lyrics in Hindi:

पलुकु देनेल तल्लि पवलिञ्चेनु ।
कलिकि तनमुल विभुनि गलसिनदि गान ॥

निगनिगनि मोमुपै नेऱुलु गेलकुल जेदर
पगलैन दाक जेलि पवलिञ्चेनु ।
तेगनि परिणतुलतो तेल्लवारिनदाक
जगदेक पति मनसु जट्टि गोने गान ॥

कोङ्गु जारिन मेऱुगु गुब्ब लोलयग दरुणि
बङ्गारु मेडपै बवलिञ्चेनु ।
चेङ्गलुव कनुगोनल सिङ्गारमुलु दोलक
अङ्गज गुरुनितोड नलसिनदिगान ॥

मुरिपेम्पु नटनतो मुत्याल मलगुपै
परवशम्बुन दरुणि पवलिञ्चेनु ।
तिरु वेङ्कटाचला धिपुनि कौगिट गलसि
अरविरै नुनु जेमलु नण्टिनदिगान ॥

Annamayya Keerthana – Paluku Tenela Talli Meaning:

Alamelu Manga whose words are as sweet as honey fell asleep after she joined her lord.

Curly locks were falling on her glistening face. She slept till late in the morning as she spent the night in ecstasy. She won the heart of Venkatesa the lord of the universe.

Her garment was slipping, exposing her youthful bosom. She slept in a golden building. Her lotus like eyes were full of love because she met Venkatapati the creator of Manmadha.

That young lady was lying in ecstasy with a chain of pearls on her chest. She was delicate like flower and became wet in the embrace of Lord Venkatesa.

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