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Annamayya Keerthana – Shodasa Kalanidhiki in Hindi With Meaning

Shodasa Kalanidhiki Lyrics in Hindi:

षोडसकलानिधिकि षोडशोपचारमुलु
जाडतोड निच्चलुनु समर्पयामि ॥

अलरु विश्वात्मकुन कावाहन मिदे सर्व
निलयुन कासनमु नेम्मिनिदे ।
अलगङ्गा जनकुन कर्घ्यपाद्याचमनालु
जलधि शायिकिनि मज्जनमिदे ॥

वरपीताम्बरुनकु वस्त्रालङ्कारमिदे
सरि श्रीमन्तुनकु भूषणमु लिवे ।
धरणीधरुनकु गन्धपुष्प धूपमुलु
तिरमिदे कोटिसूर्यतेजुनकु दीपमु ॥

अमृतमथनुनकु नदिवो नैवेद्यमु
गमि(रवि)जन्द्रुनेत्रुनकु कप्पुरविडेमु ।
अमरिन श्रीवेङ्कटाद्रि मीदि देवुनिकि
तमितो प्रदक्षिणालु दण्डमुलु निविगो ॥

Annamayya Keerthana – Shodasa Kalanidhiki Meaning

I offer sixteen services regularly and appropriately to the Lord who is the repository of sixteen arts.

I welcome the Supreme Soul of the universe. Here is comfortable seat to the all pervading Lord. Here is the offering of ‘Arghyam’, ‘Padyam’,’Achamanam'(oblations with water) to the Lord from whose feet the river Ganga emanated.

Here is beautiful dress to the Lord who wears golden yellow costume. Here are the ornaments to the Lord who is master of all wealth. Here are fragrant flowers,sandalwood and incense to the Lord that bears the earth. Here is sacred lamp to the Lord who has the effulgence of a million Suns. Here is delicious food to the Lord that distributed nectar.

Here is ‘Tambulam’ with fragrance of camphor to the Lord whose eyes are bright like the moon. Here are humble prostrations and circumambulations to Lord Venkateswara who graced himself on the holy Venkadri.

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Annamayya Keerthana – Shodasa Kalanidhiki in Hindi With Meaning

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