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List of Famous Monument in Dr.Y.S.R.Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh

About Kadapa District:

Kadapa / Cuddapah is a city in the Rayalseema region of Andhra Pradesh. It is the headquarters of the Kadapa district. The city is surrounded on three sides by the Nallamala and Palkonda hills which lie in the tectonic landscape between the eastern and western ghats. The city is nicknamed “Gadapa” because it is the western gateway to the sacred hills of Tirumala.

Kadapa has been under different rulers in its history, including the Nizams and Cholas, the Vijayanagara Empire and Kingdom of Mysore. The main rivers in this district are Penna, Chitravathi, Papaghni, Sagileru, Bahuda and Cheyyeru.

Famous Places in Kadapa District:

Name of the MonumentVillageMandalConstructed Period
Nawabs Tower at the JailDr.Y.S.R.KadapaDr.Y.S.R,Kadapa17th C.A.D.
BhogamdanibhaviRajampetSiddhout17th C.A.D
Syed Ahmed Sahib?s TombsDr.Y.S.R.KadapaDr.Y.S.R. Kadapa16th C.A.D.
Rock cut caves (Pennaperurkona) (Lakshmi Narsimha swamy templePennaperurSiddavattam16th C.A.D
Yerraguntala kotaErraguntlaObulavaripalli16th C.A.D
Sri Lakshmi Narasimha swamy templePennaperurukonaVontimitta16th C.A.D.
Siva temple (Mabbu devalayam)VallurVallur16th C.A.D.
Mulasthaneswara templePottapiNandalur16th C.A.D.
Lanjakanuma Gutta Site (Early Historic site- Buddhist Site)Adapur (Nandalur)Nandalur2nd C.A.D.
Patigadda (Ancient Mound ? Early Historic site)TallpakaRajampet2nd C.A.D
Kona Malleswara swamy templeParnapalliLingala13th C.A.D.
Mallikarjuna swamy templeUpparapalliChennuru14th -15th C.A.D.
Chenna kesava swamy templeChennavaramB. Koduru16th C.A.D.
Pre Historic caveKundeti cherlopalliLingala25th C.B.C.
Sri Venugopala Swamy templeChadipirallaKamalapuram14th-15th C.A.D.
Sri Gundalakona Mallikarjuna Swamy templeYerraballiPulivendula12th C.A.D.
Sri Bhaseveswara Swamy templeBondalakuntaMuddanur14th C.A.D.
Sri Agestheswara, Chennakesava Swamy templePaddacheppaliKamalalpuram11th-12th C.A.D.
Sri Kamakshi Sametha Nagasara Swamy TempleKomantharajapuramPengaluru9th-10th C.A.D.
Sri Laxmi Chennakesava Swamy templeKoduruRailway Kondapuram15th-16th C.A.D.

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List of Famous Monument in Dr.Y.S.R.Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh

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