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List of Famous Monument in Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh

Famous Places in Guntur District:

S.NoName of the MonumentVillageMandalPeriod
1.Pre-Historic Site at the foot of the hill (Megalithic burial)KolankondaTadepalli4th C.A.D.
2.Rock cut caveSitanagaramTadepalli4th C.A.D.
3.Megalithic burialMothadakaTadikonda10th C.A.C
4.Gopinadha Swamy templeKondaveeduYadlapadu16th C.A.D.
5.Hill fort of the Reddy KingdomKondaveeduYadlapadu16th C.A.D.
6.Bellamkonda fortBellamkondaSattenapalli16-17th C.A.D
7.Sri Veerabhadra Swamy templePhirangipuramPhirangipuram13th C.A.D
8.Early Historic SiteMallepaduTenali2nd C.B.C
9.Nageswara Swamy TempleChebroluChebrolu12th C.A.D.
10.Sri Veerabhadra Swamy TempleChebroluChebrolu11th C.A.D
11.Sri Anjaneya Swamy TempleChebroluChebrolu11th C.A.D
12.Sri Bheemeswara Swamy TempleChebroluChebrolu11th C.A.D
13.Sri Kesava Swamy TempleChebroluChebrolu11th C.A.D
14.Sri Parvathi Ammavari TempleChebroluChebrolu17th C.A.D
15.Sri Narasimha TempleVinukondaVinukonda16thC.A.D.
16.Chathurmukha Brahma TempleChebroluChebrolu13th C.A.D
17.Ruined fortChandolePittalavanipalem15th ? 16thC.A.D.
18.Sri Lingodbhava Swamy Vari TempleChandolePittalavanipalem12th C.A.D
19.Chennakesava Swamy Vari TempleChandolePittalavanipalem12th C.A.D
20.Gramadevatha (Bandlamma temple)ChandolePittalavanipalem18th C.A.D
21.Archaeological SiteGarikapaduKrosuru2nd C.A.D.
22.Sri Veerabhadra Swamy TempleMacherlaMacherla16th C.A.D
23.Fort wallsTangedaDachepalli16th C.A.D.
24.Sri Gantala Ramalingeswara TempleTangedaDachepalli14th C.A.D
25.Sri Venugopalaswamy TempleTangedaDachepalli14th C.A.D
26.Siva TtempleTangedaDachepalli14th C.A.D
27.Sri Kaleswara Swamy TempleMadugulaGurazala14th C.A.D
28.Janardhana Swamy TempleMadugulaGurazala14thC.A.D.
29.Muktheswara Swamy TempleKolliparaKollipara11th C.A.D
30.BauddhakshethramVaddamanuTulluru2nd B.C. ? 2nd A.D.
31.Sri Sakaleswara Swamy TempleNandurPonnur8th -9th C.A.D
32.Ancient Temple (Veerulagudi)KarempudiKarempudi11th C.A.D
33.Sri Ganga Parvathi Sametha Someshwara Swamy templeAttaluruAmaravathi17th-18th C.A.D
34.Sri Chenna Mallikarjuna Swamy temple (Nayakuralu Nagammagudi)GamalapaduDachepalli11th C.A.D
35.Sri Chowdeswara Swamy TempleChodayapalemRepalle11th C.A.D
36Sri Vennamuddala Venugopala Swamy TempleChengiskhanpetaEdlapadu16thC.A.D.

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List of Famous Monument in Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh

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