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Srikalahasti Chaturmukeshvara Temple | Brahma Temple

Srikalahasti Chaturmukeshvara Temple is located beside Sri Kalahasti Kalahasteeswara Swami Temple. The main deity in Sri Chaturmukeshvara Temple is God Shiva with 4 Faces and has bas-relief carvings. One can reach this temple on the way to Veyilingala Kona Waterfall. It’s just half a km from the main Sri Kalahasti Shiva Temple. On the hill rocks, there are many idols of all deities which are very finely curved many years ago.

Sri Brahma Temple is also located opposite Chaturmukeshvara Temple. Sri Brahma and Chaturmukeshvara Swamy are worshipped here. According to a traditional story, Here Sri Brahma pleaded to forgive Lord Shiva for getting rid of his Sisihathya sins and regaining his ability.

Srikalahasti Chaturmukeshvara Temple:

Lord Shiva, Parvathi Devi, Lord Ganesh, Sri Subramanya Swamy, Nataraja Swamy, Sri Kalahasti history and other devata statues are carved on the hill.

Srikalahasti Chaturmukeshvara Swamy

Srikalahasti Chaturmukeshvara

Brahma Temple Chaturmukeshvara Temple

Chaturmukeshvara Swami Temple

Chaturmukeshvara Swamy Srikalahasti

Chaturmukeshvara Swamy Temple

Devatas Srikalahasti Chaturmukeshvara Swamy Temple

Gopuram Chaturmukeshvara Swamy Temple

Lord Shiva-Ganesh-Muruga

Mandapam Chaturmukeshvara Swamy Srikalahasti

Nataraja Chaturmukeshvara Temple

Srikalahasti Mandapam Chaturmukeshvara Swamy

Srikalahasti Chaturmukeshvara Swami

Srikalahasti Chaturmukeshvara SwamiPainting

Srikalahasti Chaturmukeshvara Swamy Temple Devatas

Srikalahasti Story

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