Shiva Temples

108 Parasurama Worshiped Temples in Kerala and Karnataka

Shri Parashurama Ksetra History:

Shri Parashurama is an avatar of Shri Maha Vishnu. He was born for the wise Jamadagni. He was blessed with the parashu (axe) while pleasing Lord Shiva with his tapas. So he got the title “Parashu” from Rama.

There was a powerful king called Kartaviryarjuna. He wanted to forcibly remove the Kamadhenu who was in the hermitage of sage Jamadagni. As the sage did not allow his brutal act, Kartaviryarjuna killed Jamadagni. When Parashuram heard the news, he abused his power. So he fought with Kartaviryarjuna and killed him. In addition, he cleansed leaders who misbehaved for 21 generations.

Subsequently, he did penance for wrath while worshiping Lord Shiva. He wanted to focus on tapas. Then, by divine order, he threw his axe into the sea to retrieve the land from the ocean where the axe went. So, the recovered land is called Parashurama Kshetra. This land extends from Gokarna north to Suchindram to the south. Parashurama worshiped Lord Shiva in 108 places of this Parasuram Kshetra .

These temples are in very picturesque places of Kerala. The yatra of these, taken in harmony with nature, would be a wonderful experience.

108 Parasurama Worshiped Temples in Kerala:

1) Velorevattam Mahadeva Temple, Cherthalai (Velorevattam), Alleppey, Kerala.
2) Sree Mahadevar Temple Chittukkulam (Thrichattukulam), Alappuzha
3) Pattinikkad (Pattanakkad) Alappuzha, Kerala
4) Chengannur Mahadeva temple Alappuzha, Kerala
5) Kandiyoor Alappuzha, Kerala
6) Cherthala (Nalpathenneeshwaram) Alappuzha, Kerala
7) Gokarnam Samsthan Sri Mahabaleswara Temple, Karnataka State
8) Chowwara Ernakulam, Kerala
9) Thrikkariyoor Mahadeva Temple, Ernakulam, Kerala
10) Ernakulam Mahadeva Temple, Kerala

11) Parivaloor (Pazhoor Perunthirukkoil) Ernakulam, Kerala
12) Vyttila (Nettur) Ernakulam, Kerala
13) Vaikkam Kottayam, Kerala
14) Aluva Ernakulam, Kerala
15) Adampalli (Chakkamkulangara) Ernakulam, Kerala
16) Cheranalloor Ernakulam, Kerala
17) Thashtam (Uliyanoor) Ernakulam, Kerala
18) Chenthamangalam Ernakulam, Kerala
19) Thiruvaloor Ernakulam, Kerala
20) Chirakkal Ernakulam, Kerala

Parasurama Lord Shiva

21) Karikkodu (Kanchiramattam) Idukki, Kerala
22) Thrikkapaleswaram Kannur, Kerala
23) Kottiyoor Kannur, Kerala
24) Puthur Kannur, Kerala
25) Chellur – Perinchellur (Thalipparambu) Kannur, Kerala
26) Kottur (Karivellur) Kannur, Kerala
27) Ramashwaram Kollam, Kerala
28) Kollam (Anandavalleeswaram) Kollam, Kerala
29) Pancharkulam (Padanayarkulangara) Kollam, Kerala
30) Puthuppalli (Changangulakkara) Kollam, Kerala

31) Kottarakkara Kollam, Kerala
32) Vellur (Perunthatta) Kottayam
33) Parippu Kottayam, Kerala
34) Ettumanoor Mahadeva Temple, Kottayam, Kerala
35) Thaliyil Kottayam, Kerala
36) Kaduthuruthi Kottayam, Kerala
37) Thirunakkara Kottayam, Kerala
38) Edakkulam (Kanchilachery) Kozhikode, Kerala
39) Kollur Uduppi, Karnataka
40) Mahadeva Temple Thali Kozhikode, Kerala

41) Mannur Kozhikode, Kerala
42) Thriprangodu Malappuram, Kerala
43) Sree Mandhankunnu Malappuram, Kerala | Thirumandhamkunnu Bhagavthy temple
44) Mahadeva templePorandekkad (Puramundekkad) Malappuram, Kerala
45) Paraparambu (Perumparambu) Malappuram, Kerala
46) Maniyoor Malappuram, Kerala
47) Thirunavaya Malappuram, Kerala
48) Thirukkandiyur Malappuram, Kerala
49) Sucheendram Nagarkoil, Tamilnadu State
50) Peroor (Kaipayil) Palakkad, Kerala

51) Panaiyoor (Paloor) Palakkad, Kerala
52) Thirumittakkodu Palakkad, Kerala
53) Alathur (Pokkunni) Palakkad, Kerala
54) Thrippalur Palakkad, Kerala
55) Thrithala Palakkad, Kerala
56) Mangalam (Anchumoorthy) Palakkad, Kerala
57) Kodumboor (Kodumbu) Palakkad, Kerala
58) Killikurishimangalam Palakkad, Kerala
59) Thrikkapaleswaram Pathanamthitta, Kerala
60) Perumala (Panaiyannarkavu) Pathanamthitta, Kerala

61) Thiruvalla (Thiruvatta) Pathanamthitta
62) Vazhappalli Pathanamthitta
63) Kunnappuram (Kunnam) Thiruvananthapuram
64) Chathamangalam Thiruvananthapuram
65) Amaravila Rameswaram Sri Mahadeva Temple
66) Vanchiyoor (Srikanteshwaram) Thiruvananthapuram
67) Vadakkunathar Thrushiva Perur
68) Raveeswarapuram Thrushiva Perur
69) Mathur Thrushiva Perur
69 a) Mathur Malappuram
70) Mundaiyur Thrushiva Perur

71) Chowwallur Thrushiva Perur
72) Pananchery (Mudikkoda) Thrushiva Perur
73) Koratty (Annamanada) Thrushiva Perur
74) Avungannur (Avanur Sreekanteshwaram) Thrushiva Perur
75) Thirumangalam Sree Maha Vishnu Siva Temple Thrushiva Perur
76) Ashtamangalam Thrushiva Perur
77) Iranikulam Sree Mahadeva Temple Thrushiva Perur
78) Kainoor Thrushiva Perur
79) Adattu Thrushiva Perur
80) Thrikkur Thrushiva Perur

81) Chemmanthitta Thrushiva Perur
82) Kallattuppuzha Thrushiva Perur
83) Thrikkunnu Thrushiva Perur
84) Kunnamkulam Cheruvathur Mahadeva Temple,  Thrushiva Perur
85) Ponganam (Pungunnam) Thrushiva Perur
86) Avittathur Thrushiva Perur
87) Kattakambala Thrushiva Perur
88) Pazhayannur (Eravimangalam Siva temple) Thrushiva Perur
89) Perakam Thrushiva Perur
90) Ambalikkadu Thrushiva Perur

91) Nediyathali Thrushiva Perur
92) Kodungallur Thrushiva Perur
93) Vanchuleswaram – Tiruvanchikulam Siva Kshethram  Thrushiva Perur
94) Perunthatta Thrushiva Perur
95) Ashtamichira Thrushiva Perur
96) Sree Someswaram Thrushiva Perur
97) Venganellur Thrushiva Perur
98) Palaiyoor Thrushiva Perur
99) Nedumpura (Kulasekharanallur) Thrushiva Perur
100) Sringapuram Thrushiva Perur

101) Mammiyur Thrushiva Perur
102) Parampanthali Thrushiva Perur
103) Kottappuram Thrushiva Perur
104) Muthuvara Thrushiva Perur
105) Velappaya Thrushiva Perur
106) Peruvanam Mahadeva temple Peruvanam Thrushiva Perur
107) Thrikkapaleswaram – Siva Temple
108) Thrichaliyoor (Thrissileri) Wayanad, Kerala