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Annamayya Keerthana – Jagadapu Chanavula in Hindi With Meaning

Jagadapu Chanavula was wrote by Annamacharya.

Jagadapu Chanuvula Lyrics in Hindi:

जगडपु चनुवुल जाजर
सगिनल मञ्चपु जाजर ॥

मोल्ललु तुरुमुल मुडिचिन बरुवुन
मोल्लपु सरसपु मुरिपेमुन ।
जल्लन पुप्पोडि जारग पतिपै चल्ले पतिपै
चल्ले रतिवलु जाजर ॥

भारपु कुचमुल पैपै कडु सिं-
गारमु नेरपेटि गन्धवोडि ।
चेरुव पतिपै चिन्दग पडतुलु
सारेकु चल्लेरु जाजर ॥

बिङ्कपु कूटमि पेनगेटि चेमटल
पङ्कपु पूतल परिमलमु ।
वेङ्कटपतिपै वेलदुलु निञ्चेरु
सङ्कुम दम्बुल जाजर ॥

Annamayya Keerthana – Jagadapu Chanuvula Meaning:

The festival of squabbling intimacy
The festival of decorated bedsteads

With their coifs heavy with decked flowers, with affectionate dalliance, the women sprayed pollen all a tingling on Venkateswara.

With their heavy breasts all decorated with sandal powder, the maidens sprinkled coloured powder on Venkateswara who was near them.

As their ardent love making resulted in perfumed perspiration, the womenfolk daubed javvaji ( a perfume) on Venkateswara.

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